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Repentance of King Manassah

Repentance of King Manassah “When he was distress, he entreated the favour of the Lord his God & humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers. He prayed to him, & God was moved by his entreaty & heard his plea & bought him again to Jerusalem into his Kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that…

John 5:1-16 ~ What the World Needs

Jesus: The Only Rescue from the Tyranny of Sin: 1-3: The Sadness of the World’s Suffering; 5-7: The Futility of the World’s Beliefs; 8-9a: The Answer to the World’s Misery; 9b-13: The Wretchedness of the World’s Unbelief; 14: The Cause of the World’s Suffering; 15-16: The Fury of the World’s Rejection